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Are you struggling to keep up with the numbers side of your business?

Do you always feel like you are playing catch up with the ATO at BAS time?

Are you spending your evenings and weekends doing your accounts?

Are you wasting your time on tasks that cost you money, rather than focusing on what makes you money?

At Greenspace Bookkeeping our award-winning team of highly experienced and dedicated bookkeepers can save you time, allowing you to focus on running your business and maximizing it’s potential. We can break down the financial jargon, letting you understand what is happening in your business and where your money is being spent. We free up your time letting you focus on the things you enjoy.

Greenspace Bookkeeping offers innovative bookkeeping solutions to help small businesses run more efficiently and effectively. We have partnered with the leading cloud accounting providers in Australia and believe in their promise of greater efficiency, flexibility, and accessibility. As registered BAS agents and members of The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers you can rest assured our professional bookkeepers skills are relevant and up to date, giving you the peace of mind that your business is compliant with all ATO regulations and our team are using the best in technology to complete your accounts efficiently and effectively; saving both time and money.

We understand that no two businesses are the same so after your initial consultation we will put together a custom package tailored to suit your business.  

Services we Offer


Having accurate and up to date financials is the cornerstone to any business. Understanding your ‘numbers’ allows you to make informed decisions. Our bookkeeping service makes the process stress-free, allowing you to focus on what you enjoy doing. We leverage technology to make getting the information streamlined and efficient.


Your team are the most important people in your business, without them you wouldn’t be able to do what you do. We understand this, and our team of payroll specialists prioritise your payroll in accordance with your schedule, to ensure your team are happy. With links to HR advisors, we work to ensure you are meeting all legislative requirements.


From software training to learning how to read and understand your businesses financial reports, our training consultants will work with you at your level to empower you with the information you require to succeed. We love nothing more than seeing the penny drop and the smile it puts on our clients faces. As firm believers that we are constantly learning something new each day, we embrace the role we play. From one on one training to classroom training, we can tailor make this to you and your needs.

Business Advisory

We are passionate in ensuring our clients reach their goals and achieve success. We work with you to develop the key areas in your business that you would like to focus on, to ensure you are reaching your full potential. From start up businesses to mature businesses, our Senior Consultants will work with you to develop a strategy to suit your needs.


We understand paying tax can be stressful and time consuming. From GST, PAYG to Super, our team of professional bookkeepers will make sure you don’t miss a deadline. As registered BAS Agents with the Tax Practitioners Board, you can rest assured we are adequately trained and up to date with the latest legislation, which we will break down to ensure you understand what this means to you and your business.

White Labelled Bookkeeping

As long time bookkeepers, with a long history working with accountants, we are advocates of a harmonious relationship between client, bookkeeper and accountant. We understand the benefit of good books and how this opens up opportunities for our accounting partners to further develop their relationship with the client, by providing strategic advice and guidance. We have developed our wholesale white labelled bookkeeping service to provide high quality bookkeeping services to accountants without their own bookkeeping divisions in house. We understand that from a clients perspective, the beauty and benefit of dealing with one business for all things bookkeeping, accounting and advisory. We work as part of your team, under your brand, as a representative of your business, and the beauty is that you make money from a new revenue stream – Bookkeeping! This frees you and your accountants up to focus on high level consulting services, rather than bookkeeping.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford